Review: Camera Art B&W takes classic, grainy black & white photos on iOS

Take photos and filter them with a variety of black & white styles on your iOS device.

Camera Art B&W offers a number of filters to create old timey black & white photographs on your iPhone. The interface is unnecessarily complicated in a couple of ways, but the filters offer a unique range of ways to customize your images, increase graininess and noise, and generally capture that 1800's look and feel.

After installing the app, you can immediately start taking photos. The main camera defaults to a black & white look and feel but there are numerous filters located in the bottom-right corner that allow you to make changes, adding graininess to the image, changing the tint of the discoloration, and more. As a result, you can easily adjust how the image looks and feels at any given time. The problem, however, is that the filters are attached to knobs that you must press, hold down, and turn. This not only makes it hard to see what you are doing because your finger will be in the way, but also you can't see what options are available without turning the knob. It's frustrating and because nothing else onscreen is labeled, you'll rarely know what you are setting until you take the photo.

The frustrations with the interface aside, Camera Art B&W works well and offers a range of photo taking options on your iPhone for free, making it a solid addition to your photo taking library if you are interested in taking photos with an old-time look.

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