Review: Boxcryptor Classic provides a more secure file browsing experience on iOS

Protect your access to cloud storage systems when using them on your iOS device.

Boxcryptor Classic helps solve a problem that many mobile cloud storage users face, the lack of security when downloading and viewing files remotely. Because it offers an added layer of security when browsing through files you've stored on services like Dropbox,, and others, you can keep your files from being accessed or copied over an insecure wireless connection.

After you install and open Boxcryptor Classic for the first time, it will ask you to connect with a cloud storage system of your choice. It will ask you to give it access to that system and then it will open the file browsing interface, allowing you to see the files and folders in your cloud account. The app generally works in the background as it protects your files, but if you tap the settings menu you can change a number of features and settings related to your secure browsing setup. With the intuitive setup and navigation, you can protect your files with an extra layer of security very easily.

If you want a more secure method for browsing and working with files from your cloud storage tool of choice, then Boxcryptor Classic is a solid app. It's not as advanced as some third-party security tools you can add on your desktop or on the mobile platform, but it's fast and free and works quite well for what it offers.

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