Review: Bookmobile Audiobook and Podcast Player offers playback options on iOS

Download audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio files to play on your iOS device.

Bookmobile Audiobook and Podcast Player offers an all-in-one podcast and audiobook experience that allows you to easily import files from the Web, your iTunes library, and RSS feeds. The result is a streamlined app that combines the functionality of multiple apps. While there are certain restrictions in the trial version of the app, it's well worth trying it to see how it stacks up against your current solutions.

After installation, you'll be shown the main menu screen and a list of things you can do with Bookmobile. You can access a library function where the app will connect with Librivox for free recordings of classic books, or you can import M4B audiobooks, download from iTunes, buy directly through iTunes, and much more. There is also a subscribe option so you can add the RSS feeds of your favorite podcast and create playlists. Playback is smooth and the interface is very mobile-friendly with a sleek, iOS 7-style layout and buttons. The use of bookmarks is perfect for quickly finding your favorite books, episodes, or parts of a file, and the app ran smoothly, without any hiccups during all of our tests.

If you are looking for a solid app to replace your combination of podcast and audiobook tools, Bookmobile is a good place to start. It is a paid app but you can try it for free with three audiobooks or podcasts to get a feel for how it works, and the paid upgrade is a fair price for unlimited playback.

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