Review: Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor quickly strips location data from photos

Remove revealing location data from pictures on your Android gadget using Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor.

Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor (Android) is a basic, effective way to strip location and other revealing data from all of your phone's photos. It processes photos in bulk and handles them incredibly quickly so they become safe to post on social networks. If you're heavy into security, this app is basically a dream come true.

Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor takes away the EXIF data from any photo on your smartphone or tablet. This means people with the right tools won't be able to find out the location, date, or time at which the photo was taken if it ends up posted online. The app will process as many photos as you want at a time, and it only takes about five to ten seconds for the app to take out the data from a photo. The app's layout isn't anything special, but it makes the app run that much faster. There isn't much you can do with the app once you've run the EXIF data removal. It doesn't let you see any of the data on your photos or scan other photos for EXIF data. It lets you share your photo on social networks, though.

Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor makes quick work of the sensitive data on your photos so you don't have to worry about sharing them online. If you're worried about cyber bullies or digital stalkers, this app is just what you're looking for.

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