Review: HELMUT Film Scanner creates cool digital negatives and offers plenty of tweaks

Turn any of your smartphone's photos into a digital or color negative using HELMUT Film Scanner.

HELMUT Film Scanner can make your photos look like awesome digital negatives in just a few seconds. If you're really savvy when it comes to photo editing, you can even tweak the app's edits to create something truly your own. It's quite a fun app if you're a fan of black and white photography.

This app turns your photos into a digital black-and-white or color negative after a quick scan. You can take a picture specifically for the app, or use any picture already on your smartphone or tablet. While the app's layout is basic, it's completely ad-free, which is a nice touch. Once HELMUT Film Scanner has processed your photo, you can change the look by adding more or less color, upping or dialing back the brightness, and more. You can share your finished photo on Dropbox, Flickr, and other sharing sites, automatically, or share it to social networks with just a touch. The app's controls take a little while to get used to, but feel incredibly intuitive and responsive once you understand them.

Though the app only does one style of photo editing, it does it so well. HELMUT Film Scanner is one of the easiest, most effective ways to turn photos into negatives. It does an amazing job of creating artistic shots that you'll really enjoy showing off.

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