Review: Easy Twin Camera Free lets you create fun twin photos on Androids

Keep your device steady and create a fun twin photo using Easy Twin Camera Free.

Easy Twin Camera Free lets you create twin photos of yourself, your pets, friends, or any object you choose, with just two clicks.

This app requires no particular setup. As soon as you download Easy Twin Camera Free you can start creating twin photos. There is one catch, though -- you can only create three twin photos with the free version of the app. While this isn't much, it still gives you an idea of what you can do with this app before you decide if you want to purchase it or not. The app doesn't feature any particular interface or many options. It divides your screen into two equal areas for taking the photos. You then take both photos one by one, and the app quickly stitches them creating one photo you can then save or share with others. You can set the timer using a small icon to your left, as well as rotate the camera. There is also an option to turn on the flash in the upper-right corner, but each time we clicked on this option the app stopped responding. While perhaps this option doesn't work properly on Android 4.2, we had no problem setting the timer and creating our test photos. However, do keep in mind that to create good twin photos you need to keep your phone or tablet steady.

Easy Twin Camera Free does what it promises, but its free version is too limited to be of any real use. If you like the idea of creating twin photos of yourself or your friends using your smartphone or tablet, then perhaps this app is worth a shot.

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