Review: Change My Face gives you plenty of ways to decorate your mug

Morph your face into a modern Picasso with this silly app.

Change My Face is loaded with ways to twist, contort, and decorate your face into a goofy masterpiece. While the app's layout isn't great and causes a few performance issues, the app is so loaded with fun decorations and editing features that these issues are easy to ignore. Most people will have no problem using this app over and over for hours of photo-mashing fun.

Change My Face lets you do all sorts of edits to your photo to make it look as funny or bizarre as possible. You can shrink or expand your features, add goofy smiles or accessories, and even write funny captions over it. The app's layout is very blocky and sets you up for accidental taps on the wrong feature, which could be frustrating. You can use any picture you already have, but you'll need your own camera app to take pictures from inside of Change My Face. You can grab your friend's picture from Facebook and even a few celebrities (though the app wasn't able to find pictures of some top celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lawrence), as well. Sadly, trying to pull pictures from Facebook or from the app's cache of celebrity shots sometimes caused random crashes during testing. That didn't help the app's cause, but it was rare enough to not factor in too heavily. The app makes up for it by being easy and plenty of fun to use, anyway.

Change My Face is a cool app to have if you like to morph and edit your (or your friend's) pictures for laughs. Even though it's not a premium app, it's definitely worth a try.

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