Review: AThumb Cut (photo collage) makes precision cropping easy

Paste yourself into any photo background with this powerful cropping tool.

AThumb Cut (photo collage) makes it easier to cut and paste yourself into a picture than traditional methods of photo-editing. The results can look just as good as they would if you were a Photoshop expert. There is a small learning curve involved, but once you get past that, this app rewards you with plenty of power and advanced features.

AThumb Cut lets you precisely cut any object -- including a person -- out of one picture and into another. The app does an excellent job of finding the object for you, but it does require you to trace some smaller or darker objects to help it out. If you don't have a stylus or a steady hand, it may take you a while to do that. Once you do, the object goes right into any picture you want and the app even lets you resize the object as much as you want. You can change its brightness and saturation to make it fit perfectly with the colors in the second picture, too. Once you've finished your edits, which can include adding stickers or text to the picture, it's automatically shared to AThumb Cut's built-in social network -- but you can share it to Facebook and other social networks, as well. In order to get started, you will have to complete a relatively long sign-up process through Google, though. That's slightly annoying, but the advanced editing goodies inside this app are more than worth it.

AThumb Cut lets you create fantastic photos in a matter of seconds once you have the hang of it. It guides you through every step of getting to that point, too.

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