Review: #Square Make Square Photo is a stylish, fast photo editor for Instagram

Crop and resize photos on the go using this good-looking image editor.

#Square Make Square Photo offers plenty of good looks and quick performance if you need to quickly make your photos square sized. While it does a good job of cropping and resizing, it doesn't have any advanced filters or recoloring features. However, if you don't need those, this app is still one of the nicer photo editors in terms of ease of use. You'll find it especially useful if you frequently post photos on Instagram.

#Square Make Square Photo can edit any picture already on your phone or tablet, but lets you take pictures from inside of the app, as well. The app's menus are very stylish and allow the app to process your edits, instantaneously. Once you're done editing, you can share the picture on multiple social networks right from the app or save it to your Android device -- but you can't choose your own folder unless you pay for the premium version of the app. While the app crops and rotates photos well, it's missing brightness, saturation, and other controls you'd probably expect from a photo-editing app. There aren't even any stickers or tools for adding text to your photo, which could be a deal breaker for most photo-editing fans.

While #Square Make Square Photo has all of the polish and speed of a five-star app, it doesn't offer enough in terms of features. Give it a try if you only need to crop your photos, as you'll appreciate its abundant style.

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