Review: Zombie Face Maker offers a number of creepy faces for your photos

Convert any face to a zombie in this fun but light iOS app.

Zombie Face Maker does exactly as it sounds, allowing you to snap photos of yourself or others and convert them to zombies. The tools included are effective and the zombie faces are of decently high quality, so you can create some pretty mean and scary looking faces that can then be shared via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook with your friends and followers.

After installation, you can open the app and choose a photo or take a new one using your camera. After selecting a photo you'll be asked to pinpoint the eyes and mouth on the photo before moving to the zombification step. This is where the app will add a mask to the face with all the creepy, bloody, gory zombie goodness you're expecting. Most of these faces look very good, a lot better than some other free apps with similar functions. The app will choose one for you at random, but you can always change it by clicking the reset button to look for more options. There are no real editing tools here and the zombie faces are all masks that drop down over your face with a bit of transparency, but the end results look good. There is a decent selection in the free app with more in the upgrade.

The interface in Zombie Face Maker is standard for a face-editing app and it works well for what it offers. Combined with the mask selection and smooth operation, this is a solid app if you want to make zombie faces to share with your network.

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