Review: Vintage Camera for iPad offers a nice selection of vintage and retro-style filters

Snap or load photos and apply filters to them in a fun retro-themed interface.

Vintage Camera for iPad is a photo filtering app that has been heavily stylized to obtain the look and feel of an old-timey camera. The result is fun to use, but doesn't actually transcend what other photo filtering apps already offer, nor does it give a compelling reason to use your iPad for photos rather than your phone. For those that need a basic photo filtering app on their iPad, however, it will prove effective.

When you open the app for the first time, you'll find a vintage camera and a handful of buttons. You can load an image from your library, take a new one with the camera, or edit either. The editing screen consists of various filters from different eras, including things like "Chaplin" and "Theme Park" and "River." The quality on the filters is great and it's nice to be able to see what effect they have on the iPad's larger screen, but there are no additional editing tools after these filters, and the save function is limited to Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail (no local sharing). The app looks very good and has a strong, thematic interface, but the lack of features will limit its usefulness.

If you want a very basic photo filtering app for your iPad that offers a range of vintage filters and doesn't require a log-in, then Vintage Camera will get the job done. It's a solid free app and it gives you access to almost all of the filters up front, with only a locked four requiring an upgrade. For those in need of something more feature-rich, however, this app may not be enough.

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