Review: V-Downloader helps you download videos from Web sites on your phone

Snag video files from Web sites and store them on your iOS device.

V-Downloader is a video downloader app for the iOS platform that allows you to snag videos from any Web site. The app comes with tools for browsing, downloading, playback, and playlist creation. We found it to be a well-crafted app that offers solid performance.

After downloading V-Downloader you can open it and immediately start browsing for videos. The browser defaults to MetaCafe or you can open any other Web site as you would in Safari or Chrome. There are tools onscreen to download media when you find it, and you can then view the files in your download list, watching them or sending them to a playlist. The settings menu is a bit thinner than in other downloading apps, but overall the app ran smoother and a bit faster than our tests with similar free apps. It's not a huge difference but without hiccups and with solid download performance, it makes for a better user experience.

V-Downloader is a very capable downloading app that handles most types and sources of videos. It's free, and while there is ad support, those ads never get in the way substantially, so everything continues to work without interruption.

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