Review: Transferable is a fantastic photo transfer app for your iPhone

Connect via your PC or Mac to download or upload photos to and from your iOS device.

Transferable is similar to many other apps that allow you to download photos from your iPhone through a browser and Wi-Fi connection, but it works more efficiently than many other options. With a fast setup time, the ability to download all of your photos from a given folder at once, and a sleek interface, Transferable is a pleasure to use; and while the free version doesn't offer much, it's worth an upgrade for the speed the app offers.

After installation, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and then open the IP address provided by the app in your browser. From there you can download any of the photos in your library as shown. The best part, however, is that you can download all of them in a ZIP folder. Some apps allow this, but most will force you to download in batches or one page at a time, limiting the speed and efficiency of the app. You can open any folder from your browser, as well, and star photos so you can download only those you've selected from multiple folders. This is great when sharing photos with a friend or transferring them to a coworker. The interface here is spectacular and the performance is top notch.

The biggest drawback of Transferable is that it doesn't offer much more than a tech demo in its trial version. When free, you get only 150x150 photos with watermarks, so you'll need to pay for the upgrade before the app can be of much use; but compared to many other apps in this category, Transferable is easily worth that upgrade.

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