Review: Photo Shots adds third-party integration to a basic photo filtering app

Add filters and effects to your photos and export them to a number of services or local apps.

Photo Shots offers a fairly standard array of filters but a large number of options for sharing to third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, and even Dropbox. This third-party integration is extensive for a free photo app and it can be useful for those that want to share a single photo across your entire social spectrum with a few quick taps. For that reason, it can be a useful app, though the editing and filtering options are limited.

When you open Photo Shots you can start editing images immediately. A stock photo will be onscreen, but you can replace it by snapping a photo or loading one from your library. There are 12 filters built into the app that you can apply to any image with a tap of the filter button, and that's about all you can do to edit or filter your images. However, once filtered, you can share photos to Dropbox, your albums, the iTunes Share folder, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, text message, or e-mail. In the settings menu you can also log in to Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox to speed up the sharing process. It's a nice selection and the options are very accessible.

Photo Shots is a great option if you're more interested in sharing than editing. It is ad supported so expect banners on the screen, but they won't get in the way. There are plenty of other more powerful, feature-rich apps on the App Store, but this one is very easy to use and offers numerous sharing and saving options.

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