Review: Photo Faceoff lets you take or upload photos & create flash polls for Facebook

Compare photos of your favorite artists, actors, and more in this visual poll for Facebook.

Photo Faceoff requires you to log in with your Facebook account and then allows you to create flash polls to compare various photos with friends. You can either post your own polls or participate in those created by your friends to determine which of any two people or things is better. Because the app is designed for social use, you'll find that the range of images will depend on your circle of friends, but the options are fairly open.

After installation, you'll be required to log in with your Facebook account. You can set privacy settings so that these polls are not posted on your Wall, but logging in is not optional to use the app. After doing so, you can create your own polls by snapping or uploading photos from your library. You can also start browsing through open polls provided by your friends or supplied by the system. After logging in with two different accounts we found more than a dozen polls to sort through right away, along with options to leave comments or share them with your own friends. The interface is clean and minimizes the number of options to keep things moving smoothly from one menu to the next, and inviting friends only takes a couple of seconds.

Photo Faceoff is a very social app, so if you're not comfortable logging in to your Facebook account via third party apps, this is not for you. For those that enjoy these types of apps, it is well-made and easy to use, offering plenty of options for creating new polls, interacting with existing ones, and connecting with friends -- and it's offered for free.

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