Review: Photo Cut offers a number of tools for cutting and customizing your photos

Cut out parts of your photo, add filter effects, and more in this entry-level photo editor.

Photo Cut provides tools so you can cut out parts of photos and combine them with other backgrounds, or add effects to an existing photo. The app offers a handful of decent tools and the cutting option is useful, but the interface combined with sometimes lower-grade graphics makes for a mixed experience.

When you open Photo Cut you'll be presented with a muddled interface and a number of options that are not clearly labeled. Some are obvious like the Scissors that allow you to cut your photos, or Sticker that allows you to add certain effects to the current canvas. But there are other options like a Hand icon that are not clearly explained at first and there is no accessible tutorial. Combined with the sometimes messy way these things are presented, it is often more complicated than it needs to be to perform basic functions. The cutting function is solid in Photo Cut, however. Like in other free cutting apps, you draw the area with your finger you want to remove, but in Photo Cut, it adds a nice shadow effect and you can change the border of what you cut. It also doesn't delete from the image you cut, giving you more options for how the photo is manipulated onscreen.

Photo Cut is a decent if uneven app that provides some useful tools, but the interface will be frustrating for many users. If you don't mind that, however, and want a solid, free cutting tool for basic photo edits, Photo Cut might be the app you're looking for.

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