Review: PaperPort Notes is a great combination of note-taking and content snipping

Save notes in audio, text, or image in a highly customizable notepad screen for later.

PaperPort Notes is a very powerful app offering numerous note-taking tools in a single, concise interface that will perfectly fit the size and portability of your iPad. While an easy comparison would be to Evernote, PaperPort Notes has its own flavor that works with a natural paper backdrop, intuitive handwriting commands, and numerous other tools that allow you to add audio clips, images, and more for notes, the way you want them.

When you open the app for the first time and agree to the EULA, you'll find a yellow legal pad look and a few directions written onscreen for how to use the app. You can drag and drop text boxes that look like sticky notes, hand write on the paper, zoom in for finer typing and drawing, or you can type on the lines, themselves, with the keyboard. Other tools onscreen allow you to dictate or add audio clips, create bookmarks in single notes, or insert one of more than a dozen different types of media or files from cloud storage, your clipboard, your camera, and more. You can also insert different types of paper including white lined paper, blank paper, or graphing paper and everything syncs with Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and your Documents folder if you want.

This is a very powerful note-taking app and it's completely free with no required upgrades to unlock additional features. That makes it a must download for anyone who wants an alternative to log-in-based apps like Evernote. PaperPort Notes is fast, local, and loaded with features, making it a must download.

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