Review: NoteMaster Lite for iPad offers a number of powerful word processing tools

Take notes, snap pictures, make lists, and more in this well-crafted iPad app.

NoteMaster Lite for iPad delivers more powerful note-taking capabilities than the default iPad option. From adding images to bulleted lists and bolded or enlarged headlines, this app allows you to do a lot that other apps in the same category only include with paid upgrades, making it a solid addition to your app library.

NoteMaster has a unique interface with three panes. They don't slide but can be switched between just by tapping any of the tabs on the screen. The first pane holds categories, then you can see what notes are included in the category, and then you can tap over to the note, itself, the most recent of which will always be on the screen. The note-taking process is very intuitive, as well. You can tap and start typing anywhere on the note screen, but there are additional tools onscreen, as well, including adding images, new sections, bulleted lists, and more. You can change any note at any time, send it to someone with the share function, or move it between folders with the drag of a finger, and it all runs smoothly, without any hiccups.

While NoteMaster doesn't offer the same range of tools as a cloud note-taking app like Evernote, it does offer a much more robust, faster operating tool that does more than the built-in Notes app for the iPad. As a free app, it is a great addition to your iPad that you will use again and again.

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