Review: Manga FX Camera free for iPad converts your photos to manga-style drawings

Create drawings in a number of styles with this unique photo filter app.

Manga FX Camera free for iPad converts your photos into line drawings to evoke the look and feel of black & white manga art. The results are all very cool looking and while the app lacks a lot of the advanced features of some other filtering apps, it does a decent job from start to finish creating a streamlined, easy-to-use toolset for creating manga-style images.

After installation, you can start loading photos and filtering them right away. Choose an image from your photo library or take a new one with your camera and then apply the filter. The default filter will apply automatically, but there are other FX you can apply as well to change the drawing style, and one that will change the style of "paper" on which the drawing is done. The filters are all very good and manage to hold the contrast and look of your image well while converting it to the drawing. Processing time is minimal and the interface, while fairly stripped down, makes the process quick and easy so the app is accessible to anyone who might use it. After applying your filters, you can add text or other effects from a library supplied by the app, all of which add flavor and texture to these images.

As a free app, this offers quite a bit and is a fun diversion for anyone who is a fan of comic books or manga art. The app has some ad banners, but they don't appear on every screen and are never intrusive to using the app, so the upgrade will be an option only if you want the extra filters it offers. Overall, this is a very solid free photo filtering app.

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