Review: Lock Photo + Video Safe offers useful features for secondary security on iOS

Protect photos, videos, audio clips, and documents on your iPhone with this useful security app.

Lock Photo + Video Safe provides a secondary layer of security within an app for your personal photos, videos, documents, and audio clips. The app has numerous options and features for setting up your secure partition, though it does suffer from a sometimes messy and hard to navigate interface that can slow down use of the app in many ways.

After setup, you'll be prompted to set your password. While the default is to the number pad, you can create a text password if you prefer -- an option not all security apps offer. After setting your password, you'll be shown the home screen where there are folders for photos, videos, audio, and documents. Within each is another folder. You can add new folders or you can add files from your device to those folders. There are many additional options, as well, including Wi-Fi connect to get your files on and off the device, a play function to watch videos or listen to audio, and a search tool if you place a large number of files in this folder. The features are all very useful, including the display change options, and the sheer volume of export and sending options is massive. You can export to almost any service you have, including Bluetooth, e-mail, text, clipboard, Facebook, or Twitter. The interface isn't pretty, but underneath the hood, it's a very powerful tool.

Lock Photo + Video Safe is a free app and while it may not look like much at first glance, it offers a huge range of options that goes much deeper than the traditional photo locking app. From sharing tools to Wi-Fi connect, folder customization, and search tools, this is a great app if you want to keep some, or all, of your files private on an iOS device.

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