Review: Kawaii Photo Booth offers cute stickers and a supporting editing suite

Add stickers to your photos and edit them in this well-rounded, free editing app.

Kawaii Photo Booth is a great example of an app effectively using the ubiquitous Aviary editing tools to augment an original feature -- in this case a number of high-quality stickers. The stickers included in Kawaii Photo Booth are expertly drawn and very cute, a perfect fit for anyone that wants to customize their images to some degree. To supplement those stickers, the app uses Aviary's editing suite, which offers plenty of options for cropping, trimming, filtering, and customizing your photos when done with the stickers.

After installation, you can take a photo or load one from your device and then start adding new stickers right away. There is not an order of operations in the app, so you can edit in Aviary first or you can add stickers. Photos are shown in almost fullscreen with the exception of the ad bar at the bottom, and the sticker menu is well executed with numerous categories to choose from. Some of these are locked pending a paid upgrade, but there is a decent selection in the free offering. The one drawback of this app is that it doesn't offer any sharing options. When done the only option is to save to your library.

Kawaii Photo Booth is a fun app that offers plenty of useful tools and integrates Aviary effectively to supplement the stickers it includes. The ads are a bit overused in some places, unfortunately. They pop up when switching between menus, which almost certainly means you'll accidentally load the app store more than once, and the ad bar can be distracting at the bottom of the screen, but for a free app it offers a nice selection of stickers and can be a good addition to your photo editing library.

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