Review: Insta Booth for iPad creates photo strips and timed photos to share

Snap photos, set timers, and create photo strips to share with friends from your iPad.

Insta Booth for iPad offers a handful of tools to create photos and photo strips that you can then share with friends via social media or SMS/e-mail. The app is fairly limited in its free version, offering no filters, but you can get a decent idea of what it offers and how the timer and photo strip options work on the larger screen of the iPad.

You can start creating images as soon as you launch Insta Booth for iPad. Go to the camera and you can select the normal camera, the photo strip camera, which will take four photos of you over the course of 15 seconds, or a straight timer that will allow you to more easily take group photos. The trial edition has only one filter but the app lets you see live how the other filters would look so you can get an idea if you want to upgrade and gain access to all of them, and there are quite a few so it's worth considering. The interface is fairly basic for a photo app but it works well and all of your options are onscreen at any given time without being overwhelming.

Insta Booth for iPad doesn't try to do too much so it manages to be a very solid photo strip and timer app. The app is free in its trial edition and has no ads so it runs smoothly and without interruption, but there are a lot of features missing here without paying for a full upgrade. If you like the interface and the performance of the initial run-through of the app, that upgrade may be worth considering. For those with more robust photo taking needs, this may not be quite enough.

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