Review: iFileExpress HD provides tools for transferring files between desktop and iPad

Move files from your Mac or PC to your iPad when plugged into iTunes.

iFileExpress HD is designed as a file transfer tool for your iPad, but it requires you to be plugged in and using iTunes. This limits the usefulness of the app and dates it against some other apps that offer immediate transfer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. While the app works as described and the transfers are fast, its uses will be limited.

After installation, you'll be given a full tutorial, showing you where all of the features are located and how to set up and make your first transfer. You'll need to have the app installed on your computer already or you can set it up directly in iTunes. After setup, the app will allow you to look at and see the files on your iPad, and because you are tethered, this is very fast, even faster than the Wi-Fi apps mentioned before. That is probably the greatest strength of iFileExpress. It utilizes the physical connection to great effect to speed things up, substantially. The problem is not with transferring files to your computer, but for those times when you want to share a file with someone or unload photos onto a new computer. You'll need a cord and the software to do so.

The interface is efficient and effective, both in the app and on the desktop, and the file transfer process, if you need a more secure solution than you currently have, is good. Without a wireless option, however, the uses of this app will be limited, if only because other free apps offer solutions with more flexibility.

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