Review: Cut N Place is feature rich but often overly complex

Snip and cut photo selections to create custom images on your iPhone.

Cut N Place offers much more than just the typical fare found in other photo snipping apps, but because of the sometimes confusing interface, the app suffers despite its abundance of features. Where it tries to reach beyond basic drag-and-drop snipping, it becomes inaccessible in some ways. For users with the patience to watch and use the tutorials and videos provided, Cut N Place will prove to be one of the better apps for snipping photos on the App Store. For those who want something quick and easy to use, this may not fit the bill.

After opening Cut N Place you'll be greeted with a number of short tutorial screens showing you how to use the app. You'll also be directed to a menu filled with walkthroughs and videos to learn how to the use the app. The developers spared no time or expense creating thorough documentation for their app and it is very well done. As you dig into the features of the editing suite, you'll see why. There is a lot here to use, including far more advanced editing tools, such as a simulated mouse pointer that makes cutting a lot more accurate than dragging your finger over lines you can't see. There are only two menu screens, but each has ten or more options onscreen, including multiple effects, item additions, and settings you can turn on or off. It doesn't help that you're working with a smaller screen due to the large banner ad at the top.

Cut N Place is a feature-rich app for cutting and placing pieces of image in your photos, but even with the comprehensive user guidance, the interface is still overwhelming at times. This isn't a tool for the novice, but for those with patience or experience using these types of photo editing apps it is a very good free option.

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