Review: Collect creates a photo journal that can be transferred to albums or collages

Gather photos day to day to create an ongoing pictorial of your life.

Collect lets you create a daily photo journal on your iPhone, and it has numerous tools for sharing those photos later, including an instant collage creation tool. The result is a sleek app that can be accessed and used in just seconds to jot down notes and snap photos of whatever you did on a given day.

After starting Collect you'll be greeted by a blank calendar and a handful of options. There is no tutorial but the interface is designed to provide access to everything on the home screen and the number of things you can do is minimized up front to avoid a steep learning curve. Add a new entry by tapping a day on the calendar, share your entries with people from the share menu, create a collage of photos you've already collected, or create a new album to manage the photos you're adding to your calendar. With multiple ways to organize the photos alongside the calendar, Collect understands how people will use this app and provides a brilliant interface to match.

If you want a fast, easy way to create short journal entries with photos, then Collect is the perfect free app for your iPhone. It offers a number of options that you can pick up and quickly use to start recording your daily activities and share them with your network of friends and family.

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