Review: Time Sink for Mac tells you the time you spend in apps and on Web sites

Track and analyze your app and Web usage patterns using a powerful time tracker that comes with a clean and intuitive interface.

Time Sink for Mac tracks your app and Web site usage and allows you to see where you spend most of your time. This premium application comes with a slick interface and offers several advanced options, like grouping and blacklisting apps. Because it provides real-time data, it can be taxing on your CPU, but fortunately you can adjust the refresh level.

Time Sink for Mac gives you two choices: use it as an ordinary app, with an icon in the dock, or treat it like a background service, with only a Menu Bar icon. The app's main interface is clean and displays how long each application has been running in the foreground as well as the total run-time. With an intuitive drag-and-drop action you can create "Pools" of apps where you will see their cumulative times running in the foreground. In terms of performance, Time Sink can be taxing on your system. When using the highest refresh rate, the app requires around four percent of CPU power as opposed to 0.3 percent when running on the lowest setting. But the frequency slider can be set to a multitude of values, so you can find the optimal balance between accuracy and power-efficiency.

If you're trying to improve your productivity by identifying and subsequently limiting applications and sites that take too much of your time, you will like Time Sink for Mac, which impresses with its multitude of options and intuitive interface. It's a premium app worth the investment. Download it with confidence.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Time Sink for Mac 1.2.2.

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