Review: Pogoplug PC for Mac makes your computer content available remotely

View and edit your files remotely using a computer or an iOS or Android device with this well-built application.

Pogoplug PC for Mac combines ubiquitous file access and sharing together with remote backup functionality to make your computer available remotely. In addition to using your hard drives, this premium app offers a subscription service for backing up your content to the cloud. You can access shared files using a Web browser or iOS or Android apps.

After a quick installation, Pogoplug PC for Mac asks you to register a 30-day trial account and then choose which folders to share. The app places an icon on the Menu Bar and displays a quick tutorial on how the service works. In terms of features, the app is rather basic, allowing you only to add and remove shared locations. The transfer speed for files depends largely on the network connection between the client application you use to access the files and the Mac server. On a local connection, we were able to download a 100MB file in less than three seconds. The performance won't disappoint you either -- the app consumes only 40MB of RAM on average.

If you're always on the move and need instant remote access to your computer, you should try Pogoplug PC for Mac. This app lets you easily access your Mac from any Web browser, smartphone, or tablet and performs its functions well. The optional subscription service for offsite backups is also good to have.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Pogoplug PC for Mac 1.1.4.

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