Review: VLC Codec Pack adds dozens of new formats to your media player of choice

Make your media player support more audio and video formats.

VLC Codec Pack gives several different media players more support for videos and audio in a few seconds. It even comes with a brand-new media player that's loaded with features. If you constantly run into messages that your media player can't play a video or song, this download is awesome to have.

Though this pack shares a name with a very popular media player, it works with a few other players, as well. If you try it and it doesn't work with your player, the download includes a version of VLC's player, which gets high marks by most. VLC Codec Pack installs relatively quickly and goes right to work after a reboot, opening up several obscure formats for your player. The program hides an add-on program in the installation, but it makes you choose some seriously advanced settings if you choose the "expert install," which is the only way to avoid it. That makes the add-on much harder to get rid of, but we didn't have any problem installing the program with its preset settings. Aside from that somewhat shady part, this program is a solid way to supercharge most media players.

VLC Codec Pack can turn your player into a near-universal media player. If you love your player and don't want to switch just for bonus format support, check this download out.

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