Review: MediaInfo Plus lets you see a full list of your saved media in different ways

View your media files as a list, tree, or custom sheet using MediaInfo Plus.

MediaInfo Plus lets you view tags and data of any of your downloaded media files. It lets you see them in multiple list views for added convenience. It requires its namesake program to work, but it's a nice add-on if you already use that media manager.

This program might make your antivirus software suspicious when you first run it, but that's only because it's an executable file. On the other hand, that convenience means you can take the program with you and it will visualize your media on any computer. That is, provided you've downloaded MediaInfo already. MediaInfo Plus only works if you have that program on your computer, and it's only useful if you've already inputted a few files. Once you've done that, the program finds them all and displays them in multiple different formats. You can see it as a list or tree. Sadly, it's all presented on a rather boring blank white background.

MediaInfo Plus takes a bit of setup, but it's awesome if you already met its criteria. It lets you see your media on your computer and lets you view the details however you want. If you already use this popular program, this add-on makes a lot of sense.

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