Review: LightMan TagEditor helps organize files, if you don't mind nasty add-on programs

Clean up your audio files' metadata with this basic renaming tool.

LightMan TagEditor lets you edit your music files' tags, but it makes you suffer through a bunch of add-on programs to do it. Worse still, the program doesn't do much of the work for you, making you manually edit your files instead of filling them in for you. All told, there isn't much that makes this program better than other options or even Windows' default file renaming tool.

LightMan TagEditor lets you fill in the gaps in your music files so you can have a more complete track listing. It doesn't tap into any database, though, forcing you to already have the content if you want to put it in. The program gives you a series of blank spots where you can input information into your track listing for convenience. Its layout does give all of the information right away, though. It even gives the logistical details of your file. LightMan TagEditor also lets you assign a picture to the track and queue it up in your player of choice. On the downside, the program's installation is loaded with trap programs. Unlike other downloads, you have to install these to advance in the installation process of the main program.

The nasty add-on programs that come bundled with the installer will probably be inexcusable for most who download LightMan TagEditor. It doesn't help the program that most of what it does can also be done just by right-clicking the file in Windows' menu. This program just presents those options in a slightly more organized layout.

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