Review: LightMan Player plays your files, but is bundled with unwanted add-on programs

Play your favorite music and movies using LightMan Player.

LightMan Player gives you plenty of format support, but it's not a pretty media player by anyone's standards. It also shoves some nasty toolbars and add-on programs on your computer. It's nice that it plays just about any format, but most people will want a player that's a little easier on the eyes.

This media player doesn't stick to just music or videos; it can play both without much of a problem. It offers impressive format support, as well. During testing, the program handled every format we threw at it with no issues. As far as playback, the program doesn't offer many options. There's not any downloaded playlist support, which is a major loss even though the program lets you queue up files for on-the-fly playlists. It's also hard to imagine anyone would like this program's goofy layout. It separates the video window, controls, and list of files into three weird, conjoined bubbles that look like clouds. Mercifully, you can close any of the sections without closing the whole program or make the player fullscreen with ease. On the downside, the program's installation process is loaded with add-on programs. LightMan Player actually forces you to download them if you want to finish the installation process.

LightMan Player is full of missteps, which is a shame because it does what it's supposed to do -- play music and movies -- just fine. If it didn't muck that up with a bunch of junk, it might be easier to like this program.

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