Review: LightMan Coverter switches formats just fine, but comes with add-ons

Change the format on your favorite song so it works with more players using LightMan Converter.

LightMan Converter does a fine job of converting your files, but it loads your computer down with junk programs, as well. Since there are programs that are just as good and don't take your computer hostage like this, this one is tough to like.

This program's installation process is loaded with add-on programs that will take over your browser and search page with toolbars and other junk. However, unlike other programs that let you opt out of them, this one forces you to keep the check boxes checked if you want to download the program. If you're willing to stick it out, LightMan Converter does a decent job of converting files. It supports most of the popular formats and is relatively quick when it comes to converting; it took us about a minute to convert a file from MP3 to FLAC. The program's layout is loaded with unnecessary buttons covering a generic Windows-esque screen. You can play any track from inside of the program before or after you convert it, which is a nice touch.

Even though LightMan Converter is not a bad program, you won't appreciate how it forces you to install a ton of add-ons and junk programs to get the goodies. You are probably going to be much happier installing a similar program that doesn't bog down your browser with nonsense. There are plenty of apps that are just as good as this one, anyway.

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