Review: Cute Video to GIF Converter turns your videos into fun GIF animations

Turn any video into a looping animated GIF you can share with your friends using Cute Video to GIF Converter.

Cute Video to GIF Converter is an easy-to-use app that can turn any video into an animated GIF to make sharing easier. Despite being relatively plain, the program still packs enough editing chops to help you make the exact GIF you want to make. It's a nice app to use if you love sharing GIFs but don't know how to create them.

Cute Video to GIF Converter lets you put any video in and get a shareable GIF out. The program seemed to accept all of the popular video formats we tried during our tests (MP4, MOV, and more), so it's likely that it will work with the video you want no matter what the format. Once you import your video, the program gives you a handy timeline to use when you're selecting when to start and end your GIFs, making the task easier. Sadly, it doesn't let you view the video from inside of the app or let you assign an exact timestamp, so it turns the process into a bit of a guessing game. You can change the frame rate, as well as the speed of the GIF, which is handy considering the app uses multiple frames to make up a second. The program sports a nasty add-on program on the install, so be careful. Those features are a little annoying, but few programs can match this one's convenience, otherwise.

Cute Video to GIF Converter delivers on its promise to turn your videos into shareable GIFs. If you don't have the chops to make your own GIFs, this program makes quick, fun work of it.

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