Review: Frame your photos for desktop display with Photo Frame

Add one or more of your favorite images to a desktop frame with this easy-to-use program.

Photo Frame allows you to select a frame and one or more images that will appear on your desktop in a small window. The frames look great and the program couldn't be easier to use, which makes it a good way to dress up your desktop with your favorite photos.

As soon as you install Photo Frame it opens a small frame on your desktop with a text prompt to add a photo. Double click to access a brief menu that lets you hide the program or access the settings. The settings window is a little cramped at the top, so the full titles of the three buttons aren't fully visible, but the first is for viewing and selecting a frame, the second is for adding images, and the third goes to an About page. There are 25 well-designed frames on offer, ranging from plain wooden frames to ornate flowery frames, as well as one holiday-themed version for Christmas. You can add one image to display or choose the slideshow option, which lets you browse to and select a specific folder of images. Pull-down menus let you set the intervals for when the slideshow pictures will change, and the options range from one minute to one hour. You can also choose to view the slideshow images in the order they appear in the folder or choose a random display. The frame can't be resized, but you can move it anywhere on the desktop. You also can set it to always be on top or to launch at Windows startup, but that's the extent of the options. No Help file is included, but one isn't really needed for a program this easy to use.

Photo Frame gives you a very quick way to customize your desktop with your digital images. It doesn't do anything beyond that, but it doesn't promise to, and we appreciate this free program's straightforward approach and easy setup.

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