Review: Keep an eye on your graphic card stats with GPU Meter

Monitor graphic card elements and more with this desktop gadget.

GPU Meter displays information on your graphics card, from usage to temperature, as well as clock speed and other useful stats. It installs as a Windows gadget and sits on your desktop. If you want an easy way to see GPU information at a glance, GPU Meter fits the bill.

The gadget installs in seconds and places a very small window in the upper-right corner of your desktop, which you can move anywhere. Initially, GPU Meter's window was too small for us to view, but a tabbed Options menu is easily accessible from a right sidebar menu and you can enlarge the window in the Display tab, which also lets you choose Celsius or Fahrenheit for the temperature display and turn on or off specific stats for PCB Temp, Shader Clock, and more. On the main Options tab, you can set an alert for GPU temperature and opt to play a sound if the temperature goes above a user-defined temperature. The desktop gadget has a black background with each line of information in a different, vibrant color, but you can change this in the Color tab of the Option window, as well. We liked that you could choose a color code or choose from one of seven basic colors by name.

If you're interested in seeing GPU stats at a glance, GPU Meter is a great gadget to download. It's ready to go as soon as you install it, but also allows you some flexibility in what it displays and how it looks. There is a small request at the bottom of the Options window to make a donation, but it never gets in the way and you won't find any other ads, pop-ups, or banners in this free tool.

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