Review: Easily adjust your sleep delay settings with Sleep No More for Mac

Set the sleep delay from the menu bar with this helpful and handy app.

Sleep No More for Mac allows users to specify the amount of time that passes before their Mac goes to sleep. This is nothing that you can't accomplish with Apple's Energy Saver preferences, but it's quite handy to be able to easily control this setting from the menu bar.

Clicking on Sleep No More's menu bar icon reveals an attractive dial-style interface that's divided into ten-minute increments; users can adjust the delay from ten minutes up to one day. Just select the time you want and then click the Postpone Sleep Mode button. As promised, Sleep No More will delay sleep mode until the specified period of time has passed. The app's preferences allow users to set a default duration, postpone either computer sleep or display sleep (the default is both), enable launch on startup, and disable sound effects (a tasteful clicking sound as you scroll through the dial). The app has no Help file or other documentation, but it's not really needed; Sleep No More is quite intuitive. Even though you don't need a separate app to adjust your Mac's sleep delay, having Sleep No More saves you the trouble of mucking around in your System Preferences to make changes. We think this app is a great choice for anyone who needs to make frequent changes to their sleep delay settings.

Sleep No More for Mac installs and uninstalls without issues.

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