Review: Unlock your phone with Security System Live Wallpaper's simulated fingerprint scan

Simulate a fingerprint scanner with this free, live wallpaper for Android.

Security System Live Wallpaper simulates a fingerprint scanner on your Android phone: Tap the target to unlock your phone with a realistic fingerprint effect. It uses push ads and has no available settings beyond links to similar wallpapers. It's free, though, so if you're looking for live wallpaper that simulates a fingerprint scanner, it's worth a try. Devices running Android 2.1 or lower can't run Security System Live Wallpaper.

The app's installer advised us that we could access Security System Live Wallpaper's settings under Live Wallpaper in our device's Wallpaper menu, but we found only other live wallpaper we could download and not any user options. We activated the wallpaper, which showed green crosshairs with instructions to "Place Finger Here." We pressed a finger on the target, and our phone unlocked with a click sound while the screen displayed a Scanning message and a large thumbprint (not ours). The unlocked wallpaper just read Security System in green. Sometimes the app wouldn't display the scanning target when we unlocked it, and the overall look wasn't great.

Security System Live Wallpaper seems to use a lot of resources for wallpaper with not very impressive animation, and ad support means intrusiveness bordering on a security issue. If you really want a simulated fingerprint scanner, this one's free. Otherwise, we give Security System Live Wallpaper a thumbs-down.

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