Review: Invert text with Reversian (if you don't need all the letters, that is)

Type in reverse and copy and paste the results with this almost-cool Android app.

Reversian for Android inverts text, making it possible to send messages, enter text in Web sites, and type almost anything upside down. Just enter text in the upper text box, and Reversian displays the reversed text in the Result box. You can copy and paste the text any place you can enter ordinary text. Faster3ck's free app has the potential for fun. Unfortunately, it wouldn't display the letter e, either upper or lower case, or the letter g; at least not on our Android 4.3 phone.

Reversian is easy to use: Open the app, enter text in the Write Here box, and press "Copy" to display the reversed text in the Results box or Clear to start over. We typed "hello," and Reversian displayed it with upside down, reversed characters running right to left in the Results box, but with "e" missing: "h llo." We tried "07734," but Reversian only reverses the order of numbers; it doesn't invert them. We typed out the alphabet and discovered Reversian's aversion to e and g, leaving the letter f to stand alone. We're certain both letters occur in Italian, which is Reversian's native language, but the app offers no settings beyond a link to the app's Web page and some confusingly translated development notes.

Reversian is free and unique, so you have nothing to lose by trying it, except maybe a letter or two.

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