Review: Listen to news feeds out loud with Read My Feed Free

Hear your RSS feeds spoken out loud with this free Android app.

Read My Feed Free reads your news feeds out loud in a simulated voice on your Android device. This free app lets you listen to concise news summaries hands-free using your phone's speaker or headset while you drive or are otherwise occupied. It updates and cleans up feeds with the touch of a button, and it also displays feeds in text so you can read along or turn the sound down yet still use Read My Feed as your news reader.

Read My Feed is easy to use, especially if you start with one of the sample feeds provided on startup. These include major news outlets like "Sky News" and "The Washington Post." We pressed the Play arrow, and Read My Feed updated each feed and beeped before reading items from the first feed in our phone's default speech engine, a robotic, female voice. The effect is sort of like an old sci-fi movie, so it has its own appeal, but we were able to download higher-quality voices for our phone, which marginally improved performance. Read My Feed's options include the aforementioned beep before reading, as well as sorting and play modes. One cool feature lets you shake the phone to call up the full article. We could also tap the feed to open the full article in our browser.

Read My Feed Free works well and gives you lots more options for getting the news on the go. We like the interesting effect that the old-school radio news beep and mechanical lady's voice produce, but you can change your phone's voice simulations to change how Read My Feed sounds. In any case, it's much safer than reading feeds while your hands and eyes should be elsewhere!

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