Review: Display your snapshots as live wallpaper with Photo FX Live Wallpaper

View your photos as a live wallpaper slideshow with this free Android app.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper displays your photos as live wallpaper on your Android device. You can set the opacity, interval, and other effects, and select the order or a random display. Androidslide's app runs in Android 2.2 or better. It's free but ad-supported. Pro and Camera FX versions are available, too.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper started displaying our stored photos as soon as we set it as our wallpaper, but you can select "Settings" to choose which photos to display, their order, the slideshow interval (one to 30 seconds) and background color. We tapped "Photo Opacity" and set the transparency level on a slider, and then the Photo Saturation, which varies from zero percent gray to 100 percent color, yielding an interesting effect. The wallpaper display's effect mimics snapshots tossed down randomly in front of you. The quick-flipping settings are cool, but we preferred a slower pace. We recommend setting Photo FX Live Wallpaper's options when you install the app, but you can access the settings under your Android device's Live Wallpaper menu.

We like Photo FX Live Wallpaper's display. Obviously, it's not the most accurate way to view your photos, but it's not meant to be: Your phone has other tools for that job. But it's a great way to create visually interesting, active wallpaper slideshows out of your familiar images of family, friends, and good times.

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