Review: Phone Disk for Mac lets you access your device as a regular Flash drive

Transfer documents to and from an Apple mobile device the same way you would from a thumb drive.

Phone Disk for Mac enables you to conveniently transfer files to your iOS devices as you would to a regular thumb drive using only your favorite file manager: the Finder. This premium app automatically prepares mobile devices for USB access as soon as they are connected to your computer and allows convenient drag-and-drop interactions. It's a powerful, well-designed app you will want to try.

Phone Disk for Mac installs along with the MacFUSE framework, after a guided setup. A reboot will be needed after the installation. Once you start the trial version, you will notice a pop-up informing you that you can transfer only up to 100MB worth of data. You will also notice a new icon on the Menu Bar, which turns to color whenever a compatible device is connected. In our tests the file transfer was smooth, with speeds averaging around 5MB/s. We have found that even though the Phone Disk is using the mobile device, we retained full sync and backup functionality in iTunes. Due to Apple's restrictions, most of the iOS file system is inaccessible for interaction unless the device in question is jailbroken and the appropriate option is active in the preferences.

If you're looking for a convenient way to back up important files on a device that's always with you, you will want Phone Disk for Mac installed on your computer. While it's a premium app in a space crowded with free alternatives, the ease of use that it offers completely justifies the price tag.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Phone Disk for Mac 1.881.

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