Review: Invisible Status Bar for Mac displays the URLs of links when you hover over them

Preview the URL you'll be taken to in your status bar by hovering over the link with your mouse.

Invisible Status Bar for Mac enables you to preview the URLs found on a page by hovering over them with your mouse cursor. It's a small but useful Safari extension that can help you browse the Web with ease and possibly also increase your security by helping you to avoid dubious sites. It adds no visual distractions when not actively in use.

After installing Invisible Status Bar for Mac you will observe no visual changes to your browser. However, once you hover over a link, a small pop-up will appear in the bottom left corner of the window. The extension is smart enough to move the text popup to the bottom-right side if the mouse cursor is too close to its reserved area, avoiding visual distortions -- thumbs up for this! The app's preferences window is minimal; aside from enabling and disabling the extension, you can only customize the visual style of the URL pop-ups by choosing from a list of four preset options. In terms of overall performance, the extension adds no discernible load to Safari.

If you're coming to Safari from Google Chrome or a similar Web browser, you may miss the ability to quickly preview the URLs of links without directly clicking on them. Invisible Status Bar for Mac brings that functionality to Safari without any disruptions or issues. It's a handy extension worth having.

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