Review: Email Verifier for Mac checks the validity of an e-mail address using a remote server

Verify whether an e-mail address is correct and able to receive mail using a remote IP address.

With its fast remote servers, Email Verifier for Mac can confirm the validity of an e-mail address within seconds. It's a small and easy-to-use Web-based app that offers free individual e-mail checks but has tiered subscriptions for bulk operations. Unlike some other similar services, this one uses its own IP address, so there is no danger that your computer IP will be blacklisted.

Email Verifier for Mac looks, behaves, and installs like an app but is, in fact, a tiny Web browser that displays the service's Web site as its homepage. It features a minimalistic, accessible interface with most of the buttons and toolbars being hidden by default. Due to its Web-centric nature, this app is lightweight, not taxing your system. The e-mail verification process is really snappy -- it took us a little more than a second to test an e-mail address for validity. Once the verification is complete, you are presented with a list of six possible states, with the accurate one being highlighted. Upgrading to the premium version allows you to drag and drop e-mail addresses to the Menu Bar icon to perform the verification even more quickly.

If you're running a site that sends out newsletters, Email Verifier for Mac can help you detect invalid e-mail addresses, possibly increasing the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign. But you can also use it privately, to check whether e-mail addresses in your contact list are still valid. It's a useful app so there's no reason not to try it.

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