Review: Icy Tower 2 Zombie Jump is a finely polished endless jumping game

Jump your way to safety as the tower collapses around you.

Icy Tower 2 Zombie Jump is very similar to other endless jumpers like Doodle Jump and Glow Jump, though it brings its own flavor to the genre with special achievements and different characters. The result is a fun if familiar game that tasks you with jumping and flipping your way to safety as the tower in which your gnome lives starts to crumble around you.

When the game starts, you will be given a very quick tutorial about how to jump, tilt, and super-jump your way up the platforms located throughout the tower. You can start immediately afterward, moving your way up toward safety. You'll find coins intermittently throughout the tower, along with enemies, special platforms, and of course collapsing platforms that will force you to perform tricks and super-jumps to stay ahead. The challenge ramps up nicely and the game moves at a decent speed so you never feel like you're just watching your character jump on empty platforms. With high-score reminders, plenty of flashy graphics, and decent music, Icy Tower 2 is a fun endless jumper worth a try.

If you are tired of Doodle Jump or have never tried a game like this before, Icy Tower 2 is a great place to start. It offers a number of great jumping options, complete with tricks, achievements, and high-score opportunities. The game is free, as well, which makes it accessible to anyone.

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