Review: Grid by Binary Thumb is a unique content creation tool for your iPhone

Utilize every square onscreen however you want in this very unique grid-based sharing tool.

Grid by Binary Thumb is unlike most create-and-share apps for the iPhone, allowing you to drag and drop almost anything you want into any number of grid spaces onscreen. For this reason, the learning curve is a little steeper than it seems like it should be, but there is a lot here to utilize, which makes for an app that can useful for a diverse range of different projects.

After installation of Grid, you'll be prompted to create an account. This is required to use the app, but it allows you to share your Grids with other users, something that can be very useful if you are creating flashcards, photo albums, or quizzes. After this, you can start creating Grids right away. The app will show you all the basics, but essentially, you will drag and select as many grid squares as you want to use and then drop some piece of media or text into that space. You can drop in photos, text, drawings, or other media in any format you want. It's like graph paper but for your phone's media and it works seamlessly no matter what you place in those spaces.

Whether you want to create a series of digital flashcards or you are interested in customizing some of your flashcards in a format that is easy to adjust, visually, Grid is a fun-to-use app. The interface is so clean and uncluttered and the features so immediately available that you'll have fun exploring and determining how everything can be used.

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