Review: Geo News Mobile is a responsive mobile companion for news from Pakistan

Watch popular shows or a live feed from Geo News on your mobile device.

Geo News Mobile is a finely made mobile tool for watching and reading news from Pakistan's Geo News. Included in the app are numerous live show viewing options, a live feed, and a landing page filled with news in Pakistan and from around the world. Whether an ex-pat living outside of Pakistan or someone with family in the country, this is a great app to keep track of what is happening there.

When you open Geo News Mobile it will provide a list of breaking news stories broken up into a number of categories. Swipe your finger in any direction and it will slide to a new category. You can also switch to live TV viewing at any time using the options at the bottom of the app, or you can load up one of the shows from the network and watch it from your mobile phone. With additional upload options for those with Geo News accounts and local tracking to get information about your area, the app is customizable to what you are most interested in. With a sleek interface and responsive menu options, this is a generally very good news app.

If you want to take your news source with you on the go, Geo News Mobile is a fantastic option for doing so. It allows you to access just about anything from Geo News on your smartphone, all of it loading quickly, and the entire app is free.

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