Review: Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is an accessible kart racer

Take your favorite Cartoon Network characters for a spin in this bare-bones kart racer.

Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is a kart racer featuring popular characters from shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, but it's not as robust or even as hard to play as bigger-name console racers from Nintendo or Sony. The result is a very accessible game that may not be something you play often, but will entertain young players for short bursts of time.

The game starts immediately after installation and gives a very short tutorial showing you how to pick a kart, power up the cart, and earn new coins. You can then choose a racetrack and start racing immediately. The gameplay is very stripped down. There is no steering. All you can do is press the "Go" button and let go of it. If you don't let go occasionally you will run off the course or hit a wall, so there is some strategy here, but it's limited and on the more straight line tracks it can get repetitive very quickly. Power-ups add some flair to the gameplay, but it never goes beyond that touch and go element, which will be perfect for younger players but grow old quickly for older fans of these shows.

If you have a child who enjoys Cartoon Network's popular lineup of cartoon shows and an iPhone on which to play this game, it's a great download. It's free, the interface is intuitive enough for young players to zip through, and there is a lot of content to unlock as you move your way through these game worlds.

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