Review: Fix-it Felix Jr. is a fantastic, modern take on classic arcade games

Play as Fix-it Felix Jr., the counterpart of Ralph, in Wreck it Ralph.

Fix-it Felix Jr. is more than just a movie tie-in game from Disney; it is a well-made homage to classic arcade games that perfectly captures the endless, addictive appeal of those games. Like a cross between Rampage and Donkey Kong, you must repair the windows that Ralph breaks as you move your way up the building, level to level. The game has the look and feel of an old arcade classic and it plays smoothly without slowdown, breaks, or upgrade reminders.

After installing Fix-it Felix Jr. you can start playing immediately, though there is the occasional ad from Disney promoting another of its games. These are rare, however, and never interrupt gameplay. The game, itself, runs smoothly with a small gamepad on the bottom of the screen and a fix-it button. Jump between windows and press the fix it button to fix the broken windows while avoiding the objects that Ralph is throwing your way. It takes a bit of skill, though the dexterity requirements are not as high as they would be in something like Donkey Kong. That aside, the game feels like a classic right out of the gate, and the interface is perfectly suited for both arcade fans of old and young fans of the animated movie.

If you or your child enjoy these classic games or the movie on which this game is based, Fix-it Felix Jr. is a great tie-in game. It captures the look and feel of the movie while providing a great expansion on what is learned in the film, and it is free to play.

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