Review: Dual Bible offers a mobile-friendly Bible in many languages

Browse or search through Bible verses on your iOS device in one of 19 languages.

Dual Bible allows you to search through the Bible or browse through verses using a dual pane viewing mode that works well on a mobile screen to show two languages at once. While it doesn't have as many tools as some other Bible apps, including things like note-taking and recommended verses, it does offer dual-language display that can be changed to any of 19 different languages included in the app's library.

After installation, the King James English version of the Bible will be displayed, but you can change this at any time to any of the 19 languages included for both the first and second language pack. This allows you to read the Bible in your native tongue and another language, a useful tool in church if the sermon is in a different language than how you prefer to read, or if you are trying to learn the other language. At any time you can slide out a side menu with a list of the books or use the search box to find a verse of your choosing. The text size can be changed, as well, to suit those who need assistance reading on a smaller screen.

Dual Bible is a great solution for anyone that needs a searchable, easily referenced text in multiple languages. The file can get quite large if you have all of the languages active, but it runs smoothly and is a free app, perfect for anyone who needs a new multilanguage Bible reference on their device.

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