Review: Discovery for Facebook Home reimagines interaction with Facebook wall posts

Convert your Facebook friend and page information into a streamlined interface.

Discovery for Facebook Home is designed to change how you interact with Facebook updates from your friends and the pages you follow. The app converts everything into an RSS-style feed that you can scroll through more easily than you would in the Facebook app while breaking out each person on that list so you can see each of their updates more easily.

After installation, you'll be required to log in to your Facebook account before the app will work. After you do, it will populate all of your friends and the pages you follow, allowing you to see each of their updates in a news feed-style interface. You can tap any update and it will go to fullscreen with a small, circular icon showing your friend's profile. Tap that profile to go back to the news feed or slide your finger to change pages. There is also a menu with Cover Flow option, top statuses and photos, and a list of "biggest fans" and "inner circle" members that you can browse. Using the data already on Facebook, the app will evaluate everything from who likes your content the most to who you read and comment on the most to customize your browsing experience. The interface here will feel strange because it is so different from Facebook, but it works seamlessly and is a fantastic experience.

If you are interested only in what your friends and the pages you follow have to say, consider downloading this free Facebook viewing app. It offers a range of new ways to interact on Facebook while providing useful information about how other people interact with you. It's a great free app and a solid supplement to your mobile Facebook experience.

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